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Work Experience

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Guest Blog Post

My name is Eimear, a 4th year direct entry midwifery student. As part of my training, it is mandatory to complete an 'elective' placement of your choice. So I contacted Elke, and she kindly agreed to take me on. I made the journey from Tipperary, and on my first day working with Elke, she welcomed me into her lovely home.

I immediately felt at ease around Elke, something which came across too when she was interacting with women and their families. It made me happy as a person and as a student midwife, to see the women Elke cared for so calm, in control and fully informed. This is how every pregnant woman should feel.

As I train in a maternity hospital, highly medicalised types of care and various interventions are unfortunately, commonplace. It is rare that I am exposed to continuity of care/carer, or get to practice it.

It was truly wonderful to see women and their families interacting with Elke, the relationships that they had developed. The mutual trust and respect shared is something I always want to experience as a qualified midwife.

The care Elke provided is what true midwifery is, and always should be. I always had an inclining that someday, I would like to practice as an independent midwife. From working with Elke and meeting wonderful women and their families, I now know for sure.

I would like to thank Elke for allowing me to work with her and the women and their families who welcomed me into such a precious time in their lives. You all have reminded me of exactly why I want to be a midwife.


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