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Antenatal Classes

My antenatal classes are one-to-one with you and your partner in my clinic.

There are two options available for antenatal classes:

Rebozo and Spinning babies

At 24 weeks/6 months and birth preparation

at 37 weeks. The Rebozo is a very long, woven

scarf created by women for women.


Using the Rebozo aims to:

- Relax tight uterine ligaments and abdominal muscles
- Help a baby rotate in pregnancy or labor more easily
- Help a birthing woman relax into her labor

I show you and your partner how to use the Rebozo and you will also get an instruction sheet.


Birth preparation talk

The birth preparation consists of guiding you and your partner through a normal birth. When and where to go in the hospital, breathing exercises, labour and birth positions, coping tools through visualisation are some of the topics here.

Your partner will get practical advice on how to be a good support and we cover your options regarding pain relief also. 

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