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SF, Kerry

This is an appreciation post, a little shout out to my super-human midwife. Having home birth midwife Elke on our team and a part of our pregnancy and birth journey was the most valuable gift.

A constant source of knowledge, support and just the right mix of down to earth advice, humour and utmost professionalism.


Although baby Frankie had other ideas and our birth did not go exactly to plan, having Elke in our corner and with us all the way through made a more difficult birth so much better. 

The ante-natal and post-natal care from this legend of a human being has been second to none.

If you are looking for a midwife,a birthing doula or a breastfeeding consultant...or if you just want a bonafide superstar to hold your hand through your birth - she is the best! #legend

Katie, Cork

Elke, we found you when we were just 8 weeks pregnant... you answered all my questions over the phone and really guided me (being an expat and new to Ireland!) the journey with you has been so comforting, knowledgeable, and professional... Our son (first baby) came July 7 2017 at home, and I was SO grateful to you, your wisdom and midwifery skills. This is how pregnancy and birth should feel.

Eavan, Cork

Thanks Elke for everything you did for our family. You spoke up for us, informed us, listened to us and laughed with us. You helped make this pregnancy and birth a really happy time. I always felt safe and respected with you and would recommend your services to anyone planning a home birth.

Cathie, Cork

I simply can not recommend Elke enough. From the moment we spoke I knew she was the midwife for me. She is a true professional. Incredibly informed, direct, gentle & empathic with a lightness & humour i really appreciated. 

This was my first pregnancy and with Elke's support it was a beautiful, safe, empowering birth. I felt totally respected & supported throughout my care with her. She is a wonder woman, she went above & beyond the call of duty & I will be forever grateful. Her aftercare was just incredible. Thank you so so very much Elke. It is avery special time for any family & you bring so much grace and sensitive support. With each visit I felt more confident. 

Anyone even considering homebirth should speak with her.

Marie, Cork

Couldnt have asked for a lovelier lady to bring all five healthy, happy babies into the world.


She is understanding, professional and passionate about her role in life and I am so proud to know her.


 I cant recommend her enough for any family planning a homebirth.. She will sooth all of your troubles away and answer your questions honestly.


 Elke almost makes me want more babies!!

Sinead, Cork

Elke delivered both my children at home and it is an experience I will always treasure.


What an amazing experience to be able to bring my son and then my daughter into our world in the familiarity of our own home.


Elke is an amazing midwife who left nothing to chance. I always felt so safe when she was with me. Having Elke with me through the journey into motherhood was such a gift, she brings calm humour, resourcefulness, love and provides a support that I will be forever grateful for.


Even after our lil ones were here, Elke helped me so much in the days that followed. I would recommend a home birth as an empowering and liberating experience.

Anzhelika, Cork

 I could not believe that anybody would want to give birth in a hospital if they only knew  and felt how I did at the moment I had Emma at home.

And then it was snowing, for the first time that morning :) Emma come with the snow. 

Charlotte, West Cork

I recently gave birth to my 5th child, all home births. My last two were in Ireland and I was lucky enough to have Elke as my main midwife for both. 
Elke was very supportive throughout both pregnancies and she made me feel very safe and calm. I found her very easy to talk to about my concerns or worries.
At first I was a little worried about giving birth so far from a hospital but Elke was very reassuring and filled me with confidence. 
Both births went really well and I felt completely safe with her presence.
Elke is a very kind, caring and experienced midwife and I would highly recommend her to anyone contemplating having a home birth. 
Thank you Elke for all your help and support . I couldn't of asked for a better midwife . 
Lots of love xx

Nadia, Glengarriff

We met Elke the first time when I was 17 weeks pregnant. I was exited to meet her, as a friend of mine highly recommended her for my dream of a home birth. Elke welcomed us with a heartwarming and honest smile which made me feel comfortable straight away. 

I met a very open, friendly and calming Midwife who has a big heart for her profession. She led us through our journey of my first pregnancy and I was looking forward to seeing her for every step closer to the birth of our baby. As I went over my due date I felt very uncomfortable with my big big belly, and I got a little impatient. I called Elke, once again. Her words were calming, so I listened to her and did nothing else than slept as much as I could and waited with love and a little more patience.

Although it turned out in the end that my dream of a home birth wouldn't happen, Elke stood by our side all the time. Her presence and spirit were just such a huge help. We are still so grateful that she was there with us. It was just amazing and such a help to be able to rely on her, especially during the most difficult moments.


Thank you Elke for everything you did for us and our little moonshine Aurora.

Aurelia, Cork

Elke Hasner is an amazing midwife. I couldn't have a home birth due to reduced movement. So I had a hospital birth but Elke came and saved the situation!!! I cannot thank her enough for her services during pregnancy, during birth, and after birth. All her advice was really good. I am really grateful. Choosing a home birth was the best choice I have made so far. Thank you so much Elke.

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