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Birth Options - Coronavirus Crisis

In the midst of the current Covid-19 virus crisis we are discovering that the one safe place for us and others to be is ….Home.

Who knew? Actually we did - an increasing number of Irish women who chose to have their baby in the safety of their own home.

Evidence Based Care

These women are trusting the true expert in natural childbirth (apart from themselves), their midwife. Community midwives provide evidence based care, which is unfortunately not a given in obstetrics. Women are still subjected to unnecessary interventions like routine inductions 10 days after their calculated due date. Babies that might start their first journey themselves are forced into this world. Labours are accelerated without medical need, which often leads to even more interventions. In our service we work according to NICE guidelines, stating that women should only be induced after 42 weeks, provided all is normal.

Women are often asked to birth on their backs, which is proven to be the least normal position to hold in birth. We encourage our clients to be upright and, if possible, consider a water birth.

Women spend hours in overcrowded waiting rooms for their ante natal visits and we know now how utterly unacceptable this is. Self employed Community midwives, see you in their clinic or your own home. Hourly appointments without waiting times or parking fees.

One positive effect from all of this has to be that women will be researching their pregnancy and birth options more thoroughly and won't listen to Health Care Professionals working on outdated prejudices rather than evidence.


Here are some links that can help you to make up your mind in finding a safe option for your place of birth.


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