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5 good things to do when you are pregnant

Updated: May 7, 2020

1) Consider your birth preferences.

In Cork you have so many different options. You can choose between hospital/Domino or Home birth service. Be informed and do your research - there is a lot of information online.

2) Know your midwife.

When pregnancy is normal your midwife is the expert from start to finish. She/He will help you with any questions and everything that you need.

3) Be prepared from the start.

Attend birth preparation classes at the right time. This is so important - please don’t look at birthing clips when you're just 20 weeks pregnant but do consider attending my one-to-one Spinning babies partner classes at that time to start the preparation process. At 36 weeks come back to me for a thorough ante natal preparation. I guide you through normal labour, breathing, birth positions and partner exercises. Consider a breastfeeding/parenting class at 38 weeks also.

4) Take responsibility!

After deciding on your birth preferences, discuss your and your partner’s wishes with your team.

On our Home birth Service I provide you with many options, including a water birth.

The service is free of charge and spans from booking, to 2 weeks after the birth with scheduled visits alongside GP and hospital. If you decide on a hospital birth, know what, if any, interventions are safe and are considered best practice and again do your research.

5) Finally be positive :)

Birth is normal and with good ante natal care many problems can be excluded or dealt with when necessary. Don’t listen to negative Nellies, giving you 'advice' on their ‘horrible’ experience. There are so many good stories around ( here are just a few :) )

Happy Birthing!


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