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Midwifery Work Experience

I had the pleasure of having Breda join me for a week during her work experience at UCC. She's very kindly shared her thoughts on the experience...

My Work Experience with Elke

As a post graduate student midwife, I chose to gain more experience in a low risk setting for women who birth their babies (Only ever having worked in a busy hospital setting). Having an interest and ‘curiosity’ in home birth, I contacted Elke.

Elke pleasantly facilitated my needs by allowing me to work with her alongside women at different stages of their pregnancy and who were excitedly planning a home-birth. Each individual woman having a different story and many different experiences which Elke became part of was something so special.

The relationship between the Woman and the Midwife was individualized, special and more importantly woman-centered and respectful. This Woman – Midwife relationship I have never experienced before.

I was fortunate to meet some of the women planning their home birth who kindly allowed me to partake in their care alongside Elke. The atmosphere was calm, relaxed, and open to information. No questions went unanswered.

I learned so much from Elke and her kind and considerate approach to women, their families and to students made me feel very confident.


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